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The Inventory Manager (TIM) is a market leading reporting app
used by: Letting Agents, Property Managers and Inventory Clerks.

Reports that take hours to type up, can be completed
in less than 50% of the time, using your smart-phone or tablet.
(iPad/iPhone, Android)

Easy to use and guarantees increased levels of accuracy, by ensuring
the items/conditions and comments, are recorded and formatted into
professional looking documents.

Streamlining the process, will increase productivity and significantly
reduce the time it takes the landlord and tenant to receive the report.

Branded with your logo, company colours, TC’s & disclaimers,
along with date/time stamped photos to remove ambiguity.

With over 500 companies across the UK in Scotland, Ireland
and Wales using the app.

Take the leap with 14-day free trial! What have you got to lose!

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