Increase productivity and efficiency

Clients using our property inventory app are producing reports in less than 50% of the time, compared to
hand-written paper based methods; will save your business valuable: Time, Money and Resources.

Mobile device reporting

Will significantly reduce the time it takes to complete property inspections, streamlining work flows, will
drive significant improvements in productivity whilst improving staff satisfaction levels through the
removal of repetitive data entry.

Standardized reports

Using TIM will ensure that all your reports are professional looking and consistently laid out in the same
format, easy to read and branded with your logo, company colours, T&C’s and disclaimers, along with
date/time stamped photos that embed into the reports, to remove any ambiguity.

From the device to office desktop in minutes

Completed reports can be exported from the device into your online account within minutes, downloaded
and emailed directly to the tenant/landlord.

How do I access my report?

The report will be instantly uploaded to your online TIM account on the website, to review/edit if required
and download as a PDF.

Can I edit a report?

Yes, via the online portal, we offer 30 days to make any changes without further charges.

Reports available online 24/7

Access your reports via the website or the device. Download previously completed reports and add new