May We Help You!

  Hello everybody, We hope you had a good Easter period, it’s hard to comprehend that we’re nearly half way through 2017 already. With the assistance of your feedback we have: provided a blog post with recommended and cost effective tablets that can READ MORE

The best tablets for TIM in 2017

Best iOS Tablet: iPad Mini 2: £199 on Amazon It may be a premium slate but it’s been superseded by the iPad mini 4 and the already discontinued iPad mini 3 and as such it’s dropped in price to under £250. Better yet, READ MORE

Why is it important to attach photos to written comments?

Why is it important to attach photos to written comments ? In an era where digital is no longer an option for companies but a necessity, social media has changed the way we process information, resulting in visual content becoming more important than READ MORE

March Blog

Hello everybody, The first quarter of the year is coming to an end and, we hope you agree, with the assistance of your feedback we have: improved our website, providing more platforms in order to gather client’s feedback and then work hand-in-hand with READ MORE

February Update

Hello everybody, We hope the New Year resolutions are coming along; we’ve decided that ours is to further enhance the already successful platform of communication to ensure that feedback is implemented. Speaking of feedback, as requested, we have uploaded a variety of assistant READ MORE

Happy New Year!

Hello everybody, We’d like to start by wishing everybody a happy new year; continuing the success of 2016 into 2017 ventures. We are delighted to have received positive feedback in regards to the change in brand colour for The Inventory Manager and the READ MORE

Wishing YOU a Merry Christmas

Hello everybody, It’s December which means its 25 days till Christmas; I’d like to wish everyone associated with TIM from clients to brand advocates a Merry Christmas. It’s been a fantastic 12 months for us but without the constant feedback provided by 500+ READ MORE

Is November really here already?

Hello everybody, Halloween has officially come and gone for the next eleven months and Christmas is just around the corner but we’ve been busy. We are pleased to announce the company has grown with the introduction of new clients into the ‘TIM’ family READ MORE

New report features

Just a line to let you know the ‘cleaning schedule’ for TIM check out reports only, is now available. Could you please update your device software (IOS and Android, ‘appstore’ and ‘playstore’) and download the latest TIM software. The cleaning schedule allows you READ MORE

Letting Update Journal: Inventory software solutions

We are proud to announce the Letting Update Journal rated the Inventory Manager software with 5 stars. Find the complete review below and an extract of the article about the inventory software solutions.

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