1. Can the reports be branded?

Yes, with your company logo, branding colours, TCs, & Disclaimers.

2. Can I add photos from another device?

Yes, via the user gallery on your device within the ‘get photo’ section, or via the editing suite.

3. What type of device do I need to use the TIM application?

TIM has been developed for iPads/iPhones and Android smart phones/tablets. The Samsung Galaxy tablets ’7’ ’8’ or ’10′ tablets are widely used due to the larger screen and keypad. Smart phones should have a minimum ’4′ screen. The device needs a rear facing camera with a minimum 3-megapixel camera to deliver good quality photos and 3G or Wi-Fi to submit the reports.

4. Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on dedicated servers at a data centre based in the UK. Our servers are all behind an Enterprise-Class Firewalls and your data is backed up twice a day to separate off site locations.

5. What are the trial costs?

Zero, the trial and any telephone training required comes at no cost. However, please note whilst using the trial version, submitted reports are unbranded. The trial is for you to evaluate the app.

6. How do I set up a full account?

If you would like to open a full account, there is a £120.00 initial payment, inc VAT, this payment is to credit your account moving forward, and is deducted from your pay as you use monthly invoice/s. You do not pay again until your initial payment has been used, after that it’s a simple ‘pay as you use’ monthly invoice. (Please note the initial payment is non-refundable)

7. Do I have to sign a contract?

No contract or annual fees. If you decide to close your account, just let us know and we will email your final invoice.

8. If I have a problem with the software how do I get support?

A support ticket can be submitted from the website via your online account by clicking on ‘got a query’, fill in the ticket and send. PLEASE NOTE before contacting support if you see an ‘error message’ when trying to submit a report, go to ‘settings’ then ‘login details’ and ‘test connection’ if either box ‘Connection’ or ‘Login’ says ‘FAILED’ this is the reason why you cannot submit.

9. Do I need an internet connection to complete the reports?

No, you only need an internet connection to ‘export’ reports. If you do not have a connection during the day you can submit all reports later when you have a connection.

10. Can I edit the reports?

Yes, reports can be edited for up to 30 days after submitting via your online account at no extra cost.

11. How do I reset, or request a new password?

Click on ‘Forgotten Password’ on the client login page and enter your username, a new temporary password will be emailed to your account username.
Within the email, you will see a temporary password, copy the password then click on the link to go to the login page.
Add your username (your email address) and paste in your temporary password, then login.
Paste your temporary password into the top field, then add your current password to reset, or if you want to change your password, choose a new one.
 Next click ‘change password’ and your set, you will then be directed to the welcome page and your account.
 Finally, on your device open TIM, bottom left of the page click on ‘SETTINGS’, then ‘login details’ add your user name and new password, click ‘test connection’  ‘connection ok’ ‘login ok’ then click ‘save login’ top left.

12. Is it important to attach photos to written comments in the reports?

Yes, it is recommended to do so. For a comprehensive explanation visit our article.