February Update


Hello everybody,

We hope the New Year resolutions are coming along; we’ve decided that ours is to further enhance the already successful platform of communication to ensure that feedback is implemented.

Speaking of feedback, as requested, we have uploaded a variety of assistant videos showing how to use aspects of TIM without needing to contact our comprehensive support team via e-mail or phone. This isn’t a replacement for our universally-praised e-mail support; this is simply another communication method provided that aims to make your time as efficient as possible.

Throughout both websites we have improved lead-times and browser compatibility with: Edge, IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other leading browser applications; making the experience even more seamless! We promise to continue to identify and implement ways to improve the customer experience for our clients and prospects. If there’s anything you wish to confirm or enquire about from POA to meeting your bespoke corporate needs in the best manner, please do get in touch.

If you’ve not made the leap into the embrace of the ‘TIM’ family (we think you should and we know over 500 companies that would agree) then don’t despair, we want to build a relationship so much with like-minded companies that we currently have a 14 day free trial with a no contract obligation offer today. That’s right we believe in our product so much that we offer 14 days absolutely free… what’s the catch. Once you’ve tried The Inventory Manager, you won’t be able to imagine ever wanting to go back!

Signing Off,