Letting Update Journal: Inventory software solutions

We are proud to announce the Letting Update Journal rated the Inventory Manager software with 5 stars. Find the complete review below and an extract of the article about the inventory software solutions.

Letting Update Journal Review

IT solutions

With the emergence of smartphones and tablets, there are now alternatives for getting on with this important work. Good mobile devices are now affordable and most people not only own one, but also use such a device as part of everyday life. The application of a tablet for inventory work is obvious. As a result more solutions are available, many of which are free downloadable applications (apps). They all make notes and recordings, and have cameras and video as well as voice files.

It has to be said however, that many of the ‘free’ apps will not meet a professional letting agent’s requirements or have the necessary flexibility to cover the wide range of property types and letting conditions.

All of the systems on the market utilise smart phone, iPad, iPod or tablet technology. The software programme is best if it has flexibility and can be styled to suit the needs of the agent. Properties vary so much, as do tenancy conditions and locations. Inflexible software will be frustrating to use because it will not work adequately in every situation.

Using a smartphone such as an iPhone or Galaxy is fine, but these devices are small and some users prefer an iPad or largest tablet. A full battery charge is essential and there should ideally be an internet connection too although most systems will facilitate data entry off line, stored for subsequent upload. This is essential for agents in rural areas where there is no 3G, 4G or public wi-fi.

Some systems work in real time which enables the agent to upload data at the property with the tenant present. The tenant can then immediately confirm documents by using a digital signature – a very efficient way to evidence approval of the move-in or move-out report.

Touch pad technology

This type of technology is good for taking an inventory, and pre-loaded software will have templates, making it easy to click/slide and copy text into place. The keypad will be used to type specific text and some systems will have voice recognition to avoid typing text, or to simply hold a voice file. Camera and video can be can be accessed at any point.

Once all the data is collected, most systems will grab this and transpose it via a website into a PDF document, which can be either placed on the website or emailed to the user for checking. This will be the finished product; therefore when considering the best system it is essential to take a close look at what it is able to deliver as well ensuring that the quality and accuracy is good enough. The right choice of text, font, layout, and actual words used to describe condition are crucial and must fit the agent’s business profile.

April 2016, Letting Update Journal