At TIM, our priority is people. With the perspective that treating employees as part of the TIM family provides the essential foundation required to provide the platform of opportunity for harmonistic growth of people as well as the TIM brand.
We extend this attitude to our clients with a company culture that prioritises people and the values that people bring to business. It’s important to us that all employees have the ability to shape TIM by appreciating the unique characteristics that every mind within our company can provide. For us the person is always more than the title that they possess; with that in mind, here are profiles of the TIM family.


Paul Character Face 2

Paul Miller

With a background in property, Paul (enquiries sometimes think he is ‘TIM’) has spent the last 8 years talking on the phone to client’s (his head is now permanently tilted) can be found gallivanting around classic car shows, and visiting stately homes. He enjoys the finer things in life, a good movie, documentary, TV series (Suits, Homeland) travel, cycling, current affairs, glamping, and of course the occasional glass of red wine. All in a day’s work.




Lee Character Face Lee Martin

With over 15 years’ experience within the software industry and dabbling into IT for as long as he can remember, Lee clearly has a passion for technology. His other hobbies include: clay-pigeon shooting, cooking and motor racing of every kind. He has just taken delivery of his own kart to fuel his obsession, that has become an integral part of his DNA. It wouldn’t surprise us if when cut Lee didn’t bleed oil.




Matthew Character Face 2Matthew Gavigan
Lead Software Developer

His fond memories of gaming on the SEGA Mega Drive have led to a degree from Liverpool John Moores University in Software Engineering. A devotee of the self-improvement train of thought when he isn’t at the gym, he can be found watching cult foreign films such as Battle Royale. Matthew believes that in 2016 the only true way of playing videogames is on a desktop computer.





Aurora Character FaceAurora Brignola
Tech Support

Not only does Aurora have a Computer Science Degree from Business Academy Aarhus meaning she can speak the tongue of technology, but is a linguistic with the ability to speak: English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish and Danish. Her ability to communicate is second to none here at the office. She has a passion for social justice and can be regularly found volunteering for causes such as the Red Cross.





Simon Character FaceSimon Trevor Clarke
Digital Marketing Executive

With a Marketing Degree from Aston University and 2 College Diplomas in Business; it’s fair to say he’s an academic at heart. When he’s not busy being an ENTJ personality type, you can find Simon: competitive gaming, screenwriting, blogging and binge-watching the latest Marvel TV show. When he’s not at his desk, it’s a given he’ll be by the kettle.