Wishing YOU a Merry Christmas

merry christmas

Hello everybody,

It’s December which means its 25 days till Christmas; I’d like to wish everyone associated with TIM from clients to brand advocates a Merry Christmas. It’s been a fantastic 12 months for us but without the constant feedback provided by 500+ clients, we would not have been able to implement the continuous improvements that have made TIM Software such a revolutionising software application on Android and iOS devices so on behalf of all of us at TIM, we offer our sincere gratitude.

The past month has seen TIM: The Inventory Manager brand receive a facelift with change in the colour scheme and branding associations. In regards to this, we would love to hear your thoughts so if you feel inclined please visit our contact page to send us an email because at the end of the day, our foremost focus shall always be YOU: the customer. We have also finally been able to provide a page dedicated to the people that make TIM such an important tool for: letting agents, estate agents, property inventory managers and inventory clerks. Our ‘Meet the Team’ will provide you with faces behind the emails, letters and phone calls to ensure you we are not simply a corporate monolith but a local company that really does prioritise people over monopolistic objectives.

Looking to 2017, we will continue to develop unique marketing ideas with the aim to provide more two-way communication channels with our clients and prospects in order to gather greater insight into how TIM can: enhance productivity, improve effectiveness and implement higher ROI because we know the bottom line is where business makes or breaks. As always, any suggestions are welcome.

If you’ve not made the leap into the embrace of the ‘TIM’ family (we think you should and we know over 500 companies that would agree) then don’t despair, we want to build a relationship so much with like-minded companies that we currently have a 14 day free trial with a no contract obligation offer today. That’s right we believe in our product so much that we offer 14 days absolutely free… what’s the catch. Once you’ve tried The Inventory Manager, you won’t be able to imagine ever wanting to go back!

Signing Off,

TIM brand icon