New report features

Just a line to let you know the ‘cleaning schedule’ for TIM check out reports only, is now available. Could you please update your device software (IOS and Android, ‘appstore’ and ‘playstore’) and download the latest TIM software.

The cleaning schedule allows you to add cleaning comments next to items which appear in a new section, beneath the ‘schedule of condition’ on page 4.

The schedule clearly lists for your clients/tenant/landlord your cleaning / comments (I have attached a sample check out with the cleaning schedule for your perusal)

Sample Check-out Report

How do you add cleaning items in?

Open the page/item, change the condition if required, at the bottom Centre is ‘cleaning schedule, tap on, and type in the comment then click SAVE.
We have added 7 cleaning comments to get you started. To build up your own custom cleaning comments lists, type in the comment, click on the + sign, then ADD to your list.

To review your cleaning schedule notes in each room, tap on the room and ‘review’, tap on the room again, or the arrow, here are your notes. Additional items/comments can be added in by clicking ‘add item’ top left.

Cleaning Schedule

Second new feature!

Finally, did you receive notice of the new ‘addendum page feature’? released 4 weeks ago? If you didn’t, and I sure hope you did. Details below.

Just a note to let you know the first of the TIM updates ‘the addendum page’ is now available. This new website, editing feature, will allow you to ‘Add’ new items, and photos into a report after 30 days.

(please note only new items can be added, items cannot be deleted)

This is how it works

1- Click on ‘EDIT’ of the report.
2- Addendum page ‘add items’
3- Click on ‘review’ of the room you want to add the new item into too, then ‘add item’ top left.
4- Then simply add the new item, to add new photos, click on ‘photos’ ‘browse’ and add the photo. Please note the photo will have to be uploaded from another device to a file/folder to drop in.
5- Then click SAVE.

And that’s it. When you convert to the next report, the new items will be placed into the correct section/type.