New interim inspection templates

Released January 2016,

6 new Interim inspection templates for IOS clients.

Here are details of where to find on the device:

Click on NEW choose ‘templates’ then ‘Inspection Templates’ you will see 3 listed, 4 Bed/house, 2 bed/apartment/ 5 bed house detailed. Choose one.

It doesn’t matter about the property type, or number of bedrooms these can be deleted from the template, and the property type changed.

Next add the property details etc, click NEXT and answer the questions. (remember to take the ‘front of property’ photo in landscape then click SAVE.

To delete a room, click on and DELETE, or to add other rooms in click on ADD ITEM type in the room / item name then click SAVE.

The photos are date/time stamped confirming what time the property was inspected, ‘general notes’ and ‘overall recommendations’ can also be made. (either on the device, or via the editing suite.

Then simply answer and attach photos just as you do with your other reports.

To complete a new inspection, click on ‘search’ then ‘show all’ click on the report and ‘convert to Inspection’ untick the ‘copy photos’ ‘copy answers’ then press OK.

Next go into the MENU property details and change the address details etc.

To download earlier inspections onto the device, click on ‘search‘ then ‘online’ choose a search criterion, then click ‘search’ then click ‘convert to Inspection’.

Sample Inspection ReportSample Interim/Mid-Term Inspection report

This report comes with 6 pre-designed templates to choose from.