Legionella Risk Assessment Report

Now available as a TIM report ‘legionella risk assessment’!

HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE: Before considering carrying out a risk assessment you should familiarise yourself in particular, with the following HSE publications below: (A sample report can be viewed on the ‘costs’ page)

Legionnaires disease: A brief guide for duty holders

Legionnaires disease: Part 2: The control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems

The report

You will find the legionella assessment at the top of the list when you click on NEW, to complete, simply answer the questions and attach photos in the same way as any other TIM report.

The questions have been listed and formatted with built-in guidance notes (you will see a O with an ‘i’ within) this appears at the top of the page next to nearly all the questions, click on this and follow the guidance notes, this will help you determine the answer, and help you carry out the assessment competently, and accurately.

If this report is of interest to your business, contact the office for details re awareness training courses.

More information about the Legionella Risk Assessment report: Click here