Is November really here already?

November Bonfire Night

Hello everybody,

Halloween has officially come and gone for the next eleven months and Christmas is just around the corner but we’ve been busy. We are pleased to announce the company has grown with the introduction of new clients into the ‘TIM’ family and, with our previous Digital Marketing Executive leaving the post; we welcome Simon Clarke to the company in that position.

Our social media presence has seen a fresh revival with important daily updates into the activities of the minds behind the ‘TIM’ product portfolio with the sole aim to help us better understand how we can help you meet your targets as cost effectively as possibly while maintaining the famous quality you have come to expect. We know we have high satisfaction levels among our clients but being the perfectionists we are, if there is anything we can do to bring customer satisfaction to that golden goose of 100% please let us know.

We have quite a few marketing ideas bobbing around the office at the moment such as Pod-casting, Video interviews with our staff, and many more so if you haven’t already subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date with all the updates coming your way.

If you’ve not made the leap into the embrace of the ‘TIM’ family (we think you should and we know over 500 companies that would agree) then don’t despair, we want to build a relationship so much with like-minded companies that we currently have a 14 day free trial with a no contract obligation offer today. That’s right we believe in our product so much that we offer 14 days absolutely free… what’s the catch. Once you’ve tried The Inventory Manager, you won’t be able to imagine ever wanting to go back!

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