User Guide


Tap on ‘Template’ choose the property type, then choose the report type


Add the address etc, then ‘Next’ answer, take front / rear photos in ‘Landscape’ then ‘Next’ type in any ‘General Notes’ then SAVE


Starting at the top, tap on the room and ‘Review’ (to Delete a room tap on and DELETE)


Starting at the top, tap on the item, tap on the ‘Menu’ and ‘Append’ or ‘Replace’ then SAVE


To attach photos, tap on the ‘Camera’ (take photos mainly in Landscape) you can take multiple photos, X. Then SAVE


Tap on the photo, and Move to another room, Save, Send via email, add to Drop Box, or Delete


To report a maintenance issue directly to FixFlo. Tap on ‘Add FixFlo Issue’ type in, add photos, then SAVE. NOTE; you must be registered with FixFlo to report issues to their portal.


To add ‘Comments’ into the report. Tap on ‘Comments’ type in and tap on the + to SAVE for future use.


Main Menu; tap on ‘Add Items’ ‘Doors / Windows’ – select a ‘Section’ – select ‘Type’ then Choose.


Tap on the ‘Top Left’ menu, for more features and ‘Login Details’


Tap on the ‘Bottom Left’ menu, for more features. ‘Smoke Alarms’ ‘Meters’ ‘keys’ and more


To add new rooms into the report. Tap on ‘Add Room’ tap on the + then SAVE


Human Habitation Acct questions; Tap on the item, tap on the ‘Menu’ choose the answer and SAVE. Note; photos cannot be attached to items


HHSRS Checklist; (Optional) Tap on the item, then the ‘Menu’ choose the answer and SAVE. Note; photos cannot be attached to items


Smoke Alarms; answer and attach a photo, then SAVE


Schedule of Condition; Tap on the item, choose from the menu OR type in then SAVE


Meters; answer, add the reading, serial no/ location, take a close up photo of the reading. Then SAVE


Voice Recognition; Tap on the ‘Microphone’ speak clearly, tap on ‘Stop Listening’ then SAVE


Uploading a report; Tap on ‘Export’ (tenants can sign on the device’ tap on) tap on ‘Signature’ type and sign then SAVE. Then COMPLETE and Confirm


Converting Reports; tap on ‘Search’ then ‘Showall’ tap on the report and ‘Convert’ untick copy photos – continue. The report can now be used for the Check-out or a similar property type.

Online Tenant Signature Portal

Send the report/s, directly from your account, tap on the ‘Reports’ tab then tap on ‘Request Tenants Signature’ type in the tenants email address and send.

The tenant simply clicks on the link, this opens up a ‘Web Page’ (not the PDF) reviews the report and sign digitally. And sent directly back to you.

The tenant can add ‘Comments’ and ‘Photos’ into the ‘Web Page’ (which appear ‘Greyed Out’ in the PDF) so you can easily identify.

Check – Out Reports include, 4 other PDF reports.

1 Summary report – listing only the changes

2 Cleaning Schedule – responsibility and charges

3 Maintenance Schedule –  responsibility and charges

4 PAT – Electrical appliances – issued to contractor

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