The Inventory Manager Pricing

What’s included in the cost:

FixFlo Integration

Multiple devices for one account

Simple & intuitive interface

Enlarge photos within the PDF

Secure Amazon UK data storage

Email – technical support

24/7 online report access

No internet connection required

Web portal dashboard

Free software updates

Human Habitation Section

Free telephone training

Templates for any property type

Choose from 20 different templates to complete any type of inspection.

What's included in every template:

How do I open a full account?

That’s easy. We ask for an initial payment of £120.00 Inc VAT, to credit your account. Note: you don’t pay again until your credit has been used, after that, we invoice every 30 days for the reports uploaded.

Start your 30 day free trial

No credit card required. Just fill out the form and get reporting.

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